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This is the Color-In Nepal Coloring Book (Volume I).


Coloring books help children and adults relax and inspire the imagination. There is a reason why they are one of the most sold items on Amazon! We want to harness this creative power. By coloring in Nepal themed illustrations, we celebrate the architectural, natural and cultural beauty of the country the diversity of its people. These coloring books also help us fundraise for Nepalese people in need.  


The five images we chose for this book remind us of Nepal’s beauty and diversity. Some of the illustrations feature ancient and sacred monuments created by talented Nepalese artisans destroyed by the earthquake. Other illustrations depict Himalayan art and remote villages whose inhabitants have been cut off and are in need of help. The images remind us of Nepal and people who created this beautiful country. They also help us imagine a future for Nepal and the Nepalese people.


To download click on image or on this link.

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