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We invite you to donate $5 (or more) to the Color-In Nepal support fund. We will personally route 100% of all funds collected directly to the Sristi Child Development Center (also known as Sristi Bal Bikas Kendra) and the SITU Center for Early Childhood Development, which both serve low income families in Kathmandu.
















Both centers were damaged during the earthquake. The communities they serve are in need of help. The funds we collect will be used to provide immediate and longer-term support to these communities and the schools. We will provide supplies (food and other supplies) to help families deal with the immediate situation. Moving forward, we will also work with the centers to move, repair and rebuild. We have been working with these centers for years and know they are legitimate and honest. Our approach to assistance is hyperlocal. We work with people we know and trust. We guarantee ALL of the funds collected to go directly to those in need. We will absorb the costs of any overheads ourselves.



You may also consider donating to relief agencies involved in search, rescue, and aid missions on the ground. For lists of trusted agencies please refer to those  put out by PRI and CNN or the Himalayan Trust.  We are currently also in touch with other organizations on the ground and will be adding them to our recommended list as soon as we confirm that they are reliable.


Cost of living in Nepal (average, local)

100 rupees (NPR) = USD$1

  • 45 minute bus ride NPR 30

  • Taxi across capital NPR 100-150

  • 1 litre of fuel NPR 125

  • Non meat meal NPR (dal bhat) 100- 150

  • 1 litre of clean water NPR 5-10


Overview of low-income salaries:

  • Housekeeper = 100 rupees per day


  • Guest house cook/cleaner = 100 rupees per day


  • Chef = 150 rupees per day


  • Manual construction worker = 300-500


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